This summer’s frenzy of account hacking has exposed millions of passwords. SplashData, a provider of password software, released its 25 worst passwords of the year for 2011, culled from unsuspecting victims of various cyberattacks.

Without further ado, here it is:

password 123456 12345678 qwerty abc123 monkey 1234567 letmein trustno1 dragon baseball 111111 iloveyou master sunshine ashley bailey passw0rd shadow 123123 654321 superman qazwsx michael football

If your password is on the list, it’s time to change it — as in immediately. Here’s SplashData’s suggestions for a more secure password:

-Passwords should be at least eight characters with mixed types of characters.

-Don’t use the same username/password combination across multiple sites.

-Try a password manager application to keep track of strong, unique passwords. SplashData is pushing its own SplashID Safe product, but 1Password is my software of choice. Since using it, my accounts have never been more secure, and the application’s browser extensions make the process of logging in, adding new passwords and changing old ones easy as can be.

Image: marc falardeau/Creative Commons

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