If you've been around the internet in the last few days you might have heard tell of a pizza vending machine. Called "Let's Pizza" the vending machine can make a fully cooked pizza in a few minutes "without being touched by human hands." The video explains the mezmorizing, albeit hilariously translated, process of automated pizzamaking.

The Mythbusters do some strange things around the office. One of those is of course testing technologies on each other. As it says in their mantra, they "put their bodies" to the test as well. Cutting to the chase, Tory and Eric the researcher play tag with a taser. Arms, legs and nipples are all fair game in this battle of watts.

The Slingshot Channel is a real thing. Hosted by JoergSprave the Slingshot Channel is a low budget but awesome way to watch a dude shoot stuff with what look to be a mix of professional and homemade weaponry. In this episode, what's better? Body armor or practical weapons? Lets not split hairs about how those are not necessarily diametrally opposed, but the tests are pretty good. via YouTube

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