Anti-surveillance clothing may keep you invisible from the prying eyes of drones, but there aren’t any garments to derail Facebook’s auto-tagging feature for posted photos — that is until now.

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Created by Simone C. Niquille, Realface Glamoflage are T-shirts designed to stonewall auto-tag algorithms. The shirts are littered with distorted images of celebrity faces, such as Michael Jackson, Barrack Obama and Brittney Spears; the idea being that if one has multiple Michael Jackson visages under one’s own face, the algorithms won’t be able to make a correct identification.

“I was interested in creating a tool for privacy protection that wouldn’t require much time to think in the morning, an accessory that would seamlessly fit in your existing everyday. No adaption period needed,” Niquille told Wired.

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Niquille designed the shirts as part of her three-part thesis at the Sanberg Instituut in Amsterdam, where she worked on fashion designs that could obstruct auto-recognition technologies. She also designed FaceBay, an online marketplace where users can buy and sell visages for online use. The third installment of her thesis is FaceValue: Accessories, which looks at various methods for augmenting or enhancing a user’s physical face. One example would be contact lenses that reflect an image-distorting light when trigger by a camera flash.

The T-shirts can be custom printed for around $65 dollars. Interested? Check out Niquille’s website.

via CNET

Credit: Simone C. Niquille