The original Swing Bike didn’t last too long on the market, but people have been building their own versions in garages and backyard ever since. And a new breed of bike company is betting on the the popularity of bicycles with dual-axis steering with the young, the hip, and the bicycle-addicted.

Schwingding, based in Switzerland, produces both adult (26″) and kid-sized (20″) steel-framed swing bikes with singlespeed drivetrains and backpedal brakes. The full-sized bike is white (“White Pearl”), and sells for about €569 (~$740 USD), and the smaller version (“Orange Pearl”) sells for about €474 (~$622 USD).

Check out the Schwingding in action:

Find out more about the Schwingding and their fans (Schwingdiggas) at their website (in German), on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.