Image: Swap-O-Matic

When you’re done drinking a soda, you toss the aluminum can into a recycling bin. When you’re done with your shoes, what do you do what that?

Swap-O-Matic to the rescue. The swapping vending machine will exchange your donated items for credits, which are used to receive other items it has collected. New users start with three free credits. Each donation earns you a credit, and each receipt costs a credit. Swapping however requires no credits. Users just open a door to an item they’re interested in and replace it with a belonging of their own. The video below demonstrates how the machine works.

The Swap-O-Matic was designed to “promote a shift in culture away from an emphasis on unconscious consumption towards a more sustainable way of life through reusing and trading,” according to its website. The machine is currently operating in various locations in New York City, according to DVICE. A feature is in the works where users can check online for real-time updates of what’s available. Sounds like a social media experiment in the works, does it not?

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