Last month, the FAA said it was okay for airline passengers to use their electronic devices during take off and landings. Now, Southwest Airlines has announced it will be the first airline to offer passengers Wi-Fi service beginning at the departure gate, in-air and ending at the arrival gate. The service is available to passengers using their smartphones in “airplane mode.” Laptops and tablets still have to be stowed during take-off and landing. And you won’t be able to make any calls from your phone.

40 Years of Cellphones

Internet access will cost you $8 and if you want to watch a movie, that will be $5. Live and on-demand television are available for free.

Now you can keep playing your game or watching your movie or listening to your song or emailing your friend 900 miles away, and never have to ever talk to the person sitting right next to you.

Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images