Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara has unofficially toppled the world record for biggest wave ever surfed by cruising down a monster curl off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. Photographs and video footage suggest that the wave was about 90 feet tall.

It is impossible to paddle into a wave that massive. Instead, a Jet Ski towed McNamara in. From there, he demonstrated an impressive amount of skill and balance on a wave that could easily crush a man on a small plank of foam and fiberglass.

The previous record was 77 feet.

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"It was incredible," said Irish surfer Al Mennie in an interview with Drift. "Most people would look scared but Garrett looked in control as he went down the most critical part of the wave. It was an inspirational ride by an inspirational surfer. After the ride it was as if the sea calmed down. We sat out there and just absorbed both what had just happened and the surroundings. What a day!"