Superman Quits Daily Planet: Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, has quit the Daily Planet saying, "journalism has given way to entertainment," reports USA Today.

The DC Comic hero has worked at the Daily Planet almost continuously for over 70 years, but citing the fall of journalism he'll now likely become a blogger. The changes come alongside a complete reboot of the "Superman" story, with Lois being a television producer and the Daily Planet being owned by a larger corporation named Galaxy Broadcasting. The reboot, penned by Scott Lobdell, is part of a complete DC Comics strategy called "The New 52."

What's the future for the caped hero from Krypton? "Clark (will) come into his own," Lobdell said, "(as) a guy who takes to the Internet and to the airwaves and starts speaking an unvarnished truth." DC Comics wants to "explore Superman through a modern-day lens," and from the looks of it, they've started him down the path to self-employment. I'll reserve judgement, lets just hope he doesn't start Instagramming. via USA Today