Here’s what happens when Google Street View meets Choose Your Own Adventure: You get to explore Europe’s highest peak with some of the most famous alpine athletes in the world.

Google Street View headed up Mont Blanc recently to capture their famous 360-degree panoramas. Only this time instead of blurred out faces, we get to hang out virtually with well-known ones on the 15,781-foot peak between France and Italy.

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Options include ascending blue-tinted ice with famed climber Ueli Steck, who recently broke a speed speed record on the Eiger. Bag the steep South Face of Aiguille du Midi with legendary rock climber Catherine Destivelle. Speed to the summit with record-holder Kilian Jornet, who went up and back in just under five hours. For some extra weirdness, go skiing on a grassy hill with freestyler Candide Thovex.

Admittedly the navigation sometimes jumps around in a weird way, but the panoramas are still breathtaking. Pick an adventure to view from this landing page. You can also meet the explorers in Google’s video:

Capture Your Own ‘Google Street View’ Video

With a blizzard burying the East Coast, some of you might feel like you’re on Everest instead of Mont Blanc. If you need to be transported somewhere more tropical, one of my favorites virtual tours is Mabul Island in Malaysia.

Or, if you really need to spend a few hours escaping, there’s the roulette-style Globe Genie. Just keep clicking the Teleport button until you see sunshine.