Should He Have Taken the Photos?: When Ki Suk Han, 58, was pushed by a man onto NYC subway tracks before an oncoming train on Monday, one witness' reaction was to take photographs.

That man was New York Post freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi and on Tuesday the newspaper published his grim photograph of the incident on the newspaper's front page with the headline: "DOOMED – Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die."

A suspect has been arrested in the Time Square subway incident, but many in the public have been recoiling at the actions of the photographer: Why did he take pictures and not help the man out of the tracks?

Abbasi defended his actions in an article published in the NY Post today. He said he was trying to alert the subway driver with the flash of his camera.

"I just kept shooting and flashing, hoping the train driver would see something and be able to stop," he wrote in the Post article.

As it turned out, the driver could not stop and Ki Suk Han was struck and killed.

Should the photographer be condemned? Is it the job of a photographer to document — no matter what? Do you think he was really trying to help? Write your comments below.