If James Cameron's submarine adventure early this year intrigued you enough to do your own exploration and you've got a bank account about the same size as his, check out the C-Explorer from U-Boat Worx.

The "world's first subsea limousine" was announced as a concept in 2010. For all that comes with it, two years seems like a pretty impressive turnaround time. The $2.4 million luxury submarine can hold five people and keep them comfortable after diving down 1,000 feet with its pressurized hull.

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An iPod-controlled sound system is standard, but you can add extras like an HD video camera, LED bow-mounted lights or an underwater modem, among other creature comforts. You can even have a manipulator arm installed that will allow you to pick up things nearby and a little robot to go places your sub can't. If an emergency occurs in your expensive underwater vessel, an emergency life-support system is included that can run for 96 hours.

For most of us, this is a a luxury we'll probably never have sitting in our garages. But if we wish hard enough, maybe we can rent one within the next decade, underwater picnic anyone?

via: Luxury Launches

Credit: U-Boat Worx