Bulletproof vests are so 1990. Kevlar is going the way of corduroy. Make way for a stylish new look that goes from battlefield to bar.

This suit, developed by Toronto-based luxury tailor, Garrison Bespoke, is made from carbon nanotubes. Originally developed for agents in the special forces in Iraq, the suit is woven from a patented fabric that's 50 percent lighter than Kevlar. The carbon nanotubes harden on impact, which prevents bullets as well as knifes from penetrating.

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“After receiving requests from high-profile clients who travel to dangerous places for work, we set out to develop a lightweight, fashion-forward bulletproof suit as a more discreet and stylish alternative to wearing a bulky vest underneath," said Garrison Bespoke co-owner Michael Nguyen in a press release.

The company will be live-testing the suit today at an event in Ontario.

Interested buyers will need to fork over $20,000 per suit.

Credit: Garrison Bespoke