There's a drug that's spreading in popularity called "Krokodil," and it's absolutely terrifying. It's an injectable drug that gives you scaly, reptile-like skin. Get a bad batch, and it rots your body from the inside out. Laci Green explains why people would dare take it, and details it's alarming list of ingredients.

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"Desomorphine (Dihydrodesoxymorphine) is an opiate analogue invented in 1932 in the United States that is a derivative of morphine, though more potent."

Breaking worse: The emergence of krokodil and excessive injuries among people who inject drugs in Eurasia

Watch Krokodil Addicts Discuss the Flesh-Eating Drug's Horrifying Effects
"In this Chicago Sun Times video, Amber Neitzel, 26, a drug addict from Joliet, Illinois, showed off one of her sore-covered legs, a gruesome effect of Krokodil, a drug popularized in Russia that's similar to heroin and made up of an injectable combo of paint thinner, gasoline, and codeine."

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