Photo: Dennis Crowley (dpstyles™ via Flickr by CC2.0)

Qantas Flight 825 was bound from Darwin to Brisbane, Australia last weekend, when it was suddenly prompted to make an emergency landing due to a suspicious smell. According to, the plane touched down at Mount Isa Airport in Queensland, about half way on its flight path, where the culprit was revealed: a smelly diaper that had been stuck in the lavatory toilet.

“[It’s] very embarrassing for us all at , but, better safe than sorry,” commented “Frank Smith,” an alias that posted on the Aviation Herald website.

The cautionary albeit alarmist reaction to the mysterious odor didn’t come without its inconvenience to the passengers, who were subsequently delayed for hours. The small Mount Isa Airport isn’t equipped to handle a Boeing 767, and all 161 people on board had to be forklifted off the plane, five at a time.

“I was told by one of the cabin crew the smell was sewage, and they were concerned toilets leaking onto electrics,” says Jo, a passenger posting on the online forum.

“ did everything they could to accommodate us, including buying Mount Isa out of pizzas,” commented J Tosh.

A smaller 737 picked the passengers up to continue the journey to the final destination of Brisbane, but without their bags — that too was a logistical problem for the small airport. At the end of the ordeal, the passengers arrived safely but tardy — and with delayed luggage.

Consider it a lesson learned: When smelly “ happens” in a diaper that gets stuck in an airplane lavatory, “” can really happen afterwards.