With their seemingly infinite catalog of online amenities and apps for any occasion, we’ve come to regard our smartphones as digital Swiss Army knives. However, our phones are still prone to being the root of clumsy, cumbersome episodes.

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Ever tried to follow a recipe on your phone while cooking? Ever tried to navigate Google maps while driving? If so, you may feel like you’re acting in your own slapstick comedy.

Salutoo Skins, a self-adhesive iPhone accessory, want restore a little order. The tacky epoxy case allows you to stick your phone to any flat surface. So instead of getting your secret curry sauce all over your screen while you blunder for the right angle, you can just stick your phone to wall.

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Available in various peel-able, reusable designs, Salutoo Skins won’t leave a sticky residue on your phone. However, don’t stick it to the wall and forget about it. Creators warn that the skins won’t stick for long periods of time. Want to see how it works? Check out Mashable’s video here. If you’re interested in a skin of your own, they’re available on Amazon for $20.

via Mashable

Credit: Salutoo