ProForm Le Tour de France Indoor Cycling Bike: $1,299

Not everyone can ride in Le Tour de France — at least not during waking hours — but a new stationary bicycle may just offer the next best thing. The new ProForm Tour de France lets Mark Cavendish-wannabes pick their own course and then experience true-to-life inclines, declines and wind resistance.

NEWS: Bicycle Equipped With Thought-Controlled Gear Shifting

Billed as “the Official Training Bike of Le Tour de France,” the new ProForm cycle has a built-in wireless connection and can automatically download a route from anywhere in the world thanks to and Google Maps. Using geo-specific data embedded in Google Maps, the bike automatically adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the actual terrain represented. An “Intelligent Wind Resistance” feature, meanwhile, automatically adjusts the resistance based on the rider's height and weight. The end result? A dreamy workout every time, free of traffic, potholes and weather — not to mention the stiff competition.

Credit: ProForm