The St. Louis Cardinals' postseason good luck charm, the mischievous Rally Squirrel, may have been caught.

Four squirrels have been captured at Busch Stadium and released into the wild, according to Joe Abernathy, vice president of stadium operations, on

"We were successful in trapping four squirrels but have seen other squirrel sightings, and do have traps out, so the Rally Squirrel could still be out there," Abernathy said. "So maybe he could surprise us and make another appearance."

The Rally Squirrel's lawyer is not taking this event so lightly. He recently wrote an angry letter published in the Wall Street Journal, claiming that the tree-dwelling defendant was a political prisoner. To make things right, the squirrel's lawyer demanded peanuts, Cracker Jacks and a signed Stan Musial jersey.

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Cardinals fans dubbed the critter Rally Squirrel after it made its big league debut scampering about the outfield and making a break down the third-base line. The squirrel's antics interrupted the sixth inning of game three of the National League Division Series between the Cards and the Phillies.

The Cardinals ended up losing 2 to 3, but in game four the Rally Squirrel made another appearance and brought the Cards some good luck.

In game four, just after the Phillies threw a pitch to second baseman Skip Schumaker, the squirrel darted out from the stands and crossed home plate. Pitcher Roy Oswalt protested when the umpire called the pitch a ball, because he claimed he was distracted by Rally Squirrel.

The Cards went on to win 5 to 3.

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Since making his appearance on the field, Rally Squirrel has shown up on numerous T-shirts, hats and other merchandise. He even has a Twitter account (@BuschSquirrel).

"It's one of those neat things that comes around during postseason baseball, whether it's a song or gesture or even a squirrel," Abernathy said. "Every year something comes up, and so this year, this is our twist."

Cardinal fans may remember a similar squirrel that caused chaos during a Cards vs. Pirates game in 2007.



Red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, always wear Cardinal red. (Wikimedia Commons)