Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard: $110

Keyboards have come a long way. They’re sleeker, smarter and even wireless, but what they haven’t been able to overcome is that pesky aversion to liquids. While it’s still a work in progress for other boards, AZiO’s Levetron Mech4 gaming keyboard is resistant to spills. The wireless keyboard’s components have been sealed to keep liquid from getting to it’s vulnerable parts, making it just what one needs when two out of the three meals a day is in front of a computer.

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Liquid-repelling is only one of the features that it has going for it, the Cherry MX Black keys have a lifecycle of 50 million keystrokes, anti-ghosting keys and an on/off key to disable the Windows menu. The modular look of the keyboard is a little over the top with the six macro triggers and modular number pad, but they are removable. The keyboard will be available starting October 30th.

Via: Maximum PC

Credit: AZiO