Spider Lives in Woman's Ear for Five Days: Here's one that will make you shudder. A small spider crept into a woman's ear and lived there for five days before the itching drove her to China's Changsha Central Hospital, reports Life's Little Mysteries.

According to the original report in a Chinese newspaper, the woman had been renovating her house and got so tired that she lay down to sleep.

The next morning her ear itched, but she was too busy to think much about it. It wasn't until the itching became unbearable that Ms. Lee went to the hospital, where the doctor found a little spider staring back at him from her ear canal.

Not wanting to harm the ear canal by trying to yank the little guy out and having it put down spikes to stay its comfy new home, the doctors chose to flood her ear with saline. Eventually the spider climbed out.

At least it didn't lay any eggs in there. We hope. via Life's Little Mysteries and Rednet