Ultimate fanboys and fangirls of the “Iron Man” franchise may soon get a chance to “become” Tony Stark, compliments of a new pair of augmented reality specs called SpaceGlasses.

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Developed by Meta, one of the handful of companies jockeying for position with Google Glass, the glasses are equipped with camera and projection capabilities that facilitate a variety of features. In no particular order, Meta’s new promo video includes virtual chess playing, virtual Nerf gun battles, facial recognition and, for the kids, 3-D model building and LEGO piece inventory. There’s even a feature where a woman virtually sculpts a vase and places the digital AR version into a 3-D printer, which of course spits out a hard copy of the vase.

Developers are really working the “Iron Man” angle and have even outlined a three-step process for transformation: “1. Buy the glasses and connect to your PC 2. Download apps or build your own in Unity 3D 3. You are Tony Stark.”

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For those wanting to see if those ambitious claims hold true, the company is offering pre-orders of the SpaceGlasses for $667. Deliveries are expected to start in April 2014.


Credit: SpaceGlasses