So, after all that making out on the dance floor, you sealed the deal at last call. Now it’s 2:00 a.m., you’ve got Mac DeMarco on the stereo and things are getting steamy back at your apartment. Clothes are flying off, the furniture’s getting knocked around, you and yours are about to get carnal and then the record scratches — no one has a condom. What do you do?

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Instead of tearing apart your domicile like a werewolf or going bareback, how about you tap SOS Condoms, a new emergency condom delivery app that Durex recently unwrapped.

Simply call up the app on your smartphone, select your desired pack, pay with credit or cash upon delivery, pin-drop you location and — voila — condoms are on the way, quickly, discreetly and anonymously.

The service is available during the prime-time sex hours of 4 p.m. and 4 a.m., so all of you day time Lotharios and nymphomaniacs, plan accordingly.

A pilot program was recently released in, of all places, Dubai, but Durex plans to unroll the app in other countries. The company’s strategy for erecting new markets will be gauged on the most popular locations of every new “like” on the the brand’s Facebook page.

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Considering that pre-marital sex is against the law in Dubai, Durex’s launch site is a curious choice. Or is it? Maybe horny, unwed couples looking to circumvent Sharia Law could be a profitable market. After all, discretion and anonymity is promised.

Still, with many corner stores offering delivery service in the United States, I’m a little skeptical about whether Durex’s covert condom team can really out-hustle the dudes down at the bodega. But if their delivery tactics are anything like they are in this video, I’d love to see ‘em try.