Summer seems to have settled in. Hallelujah! And just in time for grill season is a new Kickstarter project that take outdoor cooking to another level.

It’s a solar-powered oven called GoSun Grill. More of an oven than a grill, the GoSun harnesses sunlight to charge a thermal battery that in turn heats up an airtight chamber to between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The GoSun has a lot of nice features. To begin with, it’s lightweight. At just 20 pounds, it comes with its own backpack that lets campers trek it into the deep woods without hauling any extra fuel.

It also works in rain or shine, since the solar energy is stored in the battery.

The battery itself is unique in that it’s based on phase-changing thermal wax encased in a polymer-coated aluminum housing. The phase-change material heats up nicely but then cools off slowly, giving user ample time — up to two hours — to cook a meal.

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And because the food is cooked inside the airtight chamber, essentially a vacuum tube, it stays moist.

Pledge $349 plus $100 for the battery and you can have your GoSun Grill by September.