Parents who stood weepy-eyed at the curb waving goodbye to their college-bound kids can be sure of one thing. Come the weekend, many of those same kids will be home to do their laundry.

An ad agency for Tide detergent in Poland came up with a great idea to keep kids at school longer. Because let’s face parents, you’ve already converted Johnny’s room into a workout space/office/meditation retreat.

Leo Burnett Group came up with t-shirts that have the soap-infused ink to promote the brand.

The t-shirts show a cartoon of a crying mother, with the tears marked out in detergent. Pop the t-shirt into the wash and the detergent dissolves from the fabric into the water, washing the shirt. The washing instructions say “Don’t let your mommy cry when she sees you in this t-shirt again. When dirty, put it into water and let Tide do the rest.”

Do Nothing, Remain Still, Receive Beer

It’s a fun idea, though there are a few caveats. First, it isn’t clear what would happen if you wore it while sweating a lot — the shirt might be clean but the wearer might be covered in a fine layer of suds. Getting the detergent on the skin might also be a little irritating for some people.

On top of that, don’t dads do laundry in Poland? Where’s the image of the crying father? Maybe he’s in the meditation room.

via Gizmodo, I Believe In Advertising

Credit: Vimeo screen grab