After Winter Storm Hercules flexed its muscles over the northeast, the National Weather Service’s National Snow Analysis research team reported that 48.8 percent of the contiguous United States lay under a blanket of snow. Snow coverage averaged 4 inches deep.

Those figures represents an overnight increase from yesterday’s 44.6 percent coverage at an average depth of 3.8 inches.

ANALYSIS: What is a Nor’easter?

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration animation of the past two days of snow coverage shows a wave of white sweeping over the center of North America. That wave seems likely to continue as Hercules labors over the Northeast.

NEWS: This Winter’s Weather: What’s to Come

By yesterday, the first major winter storm of 2014, Hercules, had dumped as much as 13.8 inches of snow in Libertyville, Ill. and up to a foot of snow in areas of Michigan, reported the Weather Channel. After last night, parts of Massachusetts labor under up to two feet of Hercules’ snow, according to the Weather Channel. Upstate New York relieved 18 inches in some areas, while New York City closed public schools after seven inches fell on the Big Apple.

Photo: Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images