Icy weather hit the virtual Bering Sea this week and it stands to continue for the next few weeks! It’s the holiday season, which means colorful deck lights, Santa hats, snowy railings and treacherous conditions on deck for the captains of Deadliest Catch: The Social Game.

Last month we added the new Derby Grounds feature and now have another new fishing ground for those of you who like a little risk. The Gambler’s Grounds challenges you with some risk versus reward: the honey-holes are fewer and of course, harder to find, but their crab payout is huge when you finally discover one—be careful though, you may not have as many pots to drop before the crab move.

We know that you will be playing a ton of Deadliest Catch: The Social Game while you’re on holiday break so we added a fun new feature to keep your deckhands busy over Christmas. Constructables are joining the crew! Each piece of equipment has two new upgrades that you build by asking your friends for each component. The more friends you have in the game the quicker your items are built and adding to your crab hauls, so start inviting all your Facebook friends to give you that competitive edge.

Keep playing and soon you’ll have the chance to risk your pots to the Bering Sea ice flows. Click here, click on PROMOTION in the menu and enter PROMO CODE 986443 to get 100,000 in game currency!