Isn’t it nice to be able to rattle off a fact or two at happy hour? I know I like that little rush of self-congratulations after seeing those raised eyebrows and amazed looks over my genius at knowing so much interesting stuff.

Problem is, I’m not always sure I’m right. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m often not right, since my facts are usually gleaned from a longer news story that I may or may not remember correctly. “Who cares if you’re right? As long as you’re interesting!” you might say. Well, I care.

Problem solved. We’ve invented The Discovernator. It might sound like a metal robot that finds missing things in your house, but it’s a way better bot than that.

The Discovernator is our ever-expanding fact machine, a collection of crazy, amazing info that we pull from myriad sources and triple check for accuracy.

One of the coolest things about The Discovernator, other than it’s packed with juicy facts sure to impress, is that the facts are short. So short, in fact, that there’s a much smaller chance you’ll forget them between reading them and wowing your friends, family and colleagues with them.

Try it out HERE. You’ll find that using the machine is addictive.