Although door handles are one of the filthiest surfaces in a building, I can never bring myself to use a piece of paper towel to grab a handle after washing my hands in a restroom, for example. It’s just a tad more neurotic than I care to be.

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However, I would totally use the PullClean. Designed by British design studio Agency of Design, it’s a concept that customizes door handles to dispense hand sanitizer. Therefore, reluctant folks like myself and those who skip hand washing altogether have no excuse not to disinfect.

The PullClean’s clever approach is designed to look like a nondescript handle, but a blue section at the bottom pumps out hand sanitizer. While the device could easily be ignored, it’s equipped with Count Clean software that not only monitors how often people sanitize their hands, but also how much sanitizer is in the handle. That way, staff knows when more sanitizer is needed and how often people are using PullClean.

Agency of Design began trials of the device in U.S. hospitals and are already seeing rates of hand sanitizing jumping from 22 percent to 77 percent. That’s pretty impressive, especially considering the Center For Disease Control estimates that 1 in 25 hospital patients get a staph infection during their stay.

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PullClean could hit the market later this year and sell for $200. Until then, check out the following video of the device and for the sake of us all, wash your hands.

via the Verge

Credit: Agency of Design