Sleep deprivation can really mess you up in lots of ways. Now a new study published by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the effects may run even deeper than you thought.

Read More: "Sleeping less than six hours a night skews activity of hundreds of genes" "Getting too little sleep for several nights in a row disrupts hundreds of genes that are essential for good health, including those linked to stress and fighting disease." "Lack of sleep 'switches off' genes" "One week of bad sleep can "switch off" hundreds of genes and raise the risk of a host of illnesses including obesity and heart disease, scientists claim." "Effects of insufficient sleep on circadian rhythmicity and expression amplitude of the human blood transcriptome" "Insufficient sleep and circadian rhythm disruption are associated with negative health outcomes, but the mechanisms involved remain largely unexplored." "LACK OF SLEEP ALTERS HUMAN GENE ACTIVITY" Latest research from the University of Surrey has found that as little as one week of inadequate sleep is enough to alter the activity of hundreds of human genes."