A new line of accessories could fill the current void between smartphones and geriatric medical alert pendants. Each piece can produce a personal Bat Signal.

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The startup Cuff promises to deliver a subtle alert system inside jewelry and accessories. Their pendant necklaces, keychains, bracelets and cuffs contain a rectangular component called CuffLinc that communicates wirelessly when pressed. CuffLinc can be programmed to silently alert friends, family and the authorities, Mashable reported.

Cuff accessories can communicate the wearer's location and key information to other smartphones or another piece of jewelry with a CuffLinc. Founder Deep Sood envisions different scenarios where Cuffs could come to the rescue. She told TechHive that a buzz could mean the babysitter is trying to reach you on the phone. For a dangerous encounter, pressing the button can send an SOS with your location to people in your network. The alert can also send info like blood type or allergies during a medical emergency.

Pressing the button in different ways enables communication ranging from “I'm here to pick you up" to “send an ambulance." I've seen other wearables with similar button capabilities, notably VivoPlay's watch for kids. Cuff stands out because the sleek pieces look more at home in a department store than an electronics store. They range from $35 to $125 on pre-order now for fall delivery.

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We've come a long way from Life Alert's first “Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" commercials. Any wearable tech still has limitations, though. I'd worry about inadvertently summoning the police or unintentionally putting friends in danger. But for people with medical conditions that could turn serious in a second, these accessories are more power broker than hospital patient.

Photo: Cuff's pendant necklace can be pressed to send an alert to friends and family. Credit: Cuff via YouTube