Photo: Oliver Furrer/Getty Images

There’s a particular “cocktail” in extreme sports that involves one part skydiving and one part snowboarding: skysurfing. Of course this isn’t a fancy alcoholic beverage — consuming those are inadvisable when performing this feat of freefalling after all — but an extreme outdoor activity that rushes you with more than enough adrenaline to get you your buzz. Introduced by the French, this sport takes a person up into the sky for what is normally a “routine” skydive — only the skydiver is strapped to a plank which allows him or her to maneuver through the sky by tweaking the direction of airflow beneath them when freefalling towards the earth. The result is not only exhilarating, but can provide for some pretty cool photos. Here’s a round up of some of the best.


1. Master of your domain.

Photo: Oliver Furrer/Getty Images

Nothing makes you feel like you’re king of the world when you’re skysurfing; the board lets you stand, look down, and admire the breadth of your domain.


2. Fly like an eagle.

Photo: Steve Fitchett/Getty Images

Maneuvering your board sideways, and you can flap your wings like a soaring bird.


3. Special mission.

Photo: Joe McBride/Getty Images

Like in many sports, your outfit is key. Here we have a skysurfer in an all black jumpsuit, as if he’s a special agent on a clandestine mission that everyone will deny if he ever got caught behind enemy lines.


4. Superhero style.

Photo: Jump Run Productions/Getty Images

With just a tweak of the outfit, skysurfing can transform from being a special covert mission into something out of a comic book.


5. Casual Friday.

Photo: Wild Pics/Getty Images

Who says you have to dress up in a jumpsuit when you jump? This guy knows how to keep cool (really cool) when surfing through the sky with board shorts.


6. Girl power!

Photo: Joe McBride/Getty Images

Who says skysurfing is just for dudes? This young woman takes the plunge over Oahu, Hawaii.


7. Three men walking.

Photo: moodboard/Getty Images

Three guys out for a stroll — 10,000 feet in the air. Looks like one of them is in a hurry though.


8. Surf’s down!

Photo: Oliver Furrer/Getty Images

Skysurfboards usually look like snowboards, but this guy’s board makes it look like he’s ready to land from the sky right into a ripcurl and surf some ocean waves.


9. Sunset skydiving.

Photo: Jump Run Productions/Getty Images

Some people aspire to be in the perfect vantage point to watch the sunset, but this skysurfer’s taken that to a whole new level — literally.


10. Vertical flip.

Photo: Oliver Furrer/Getty Images

Nothing turns the world upside down quite like… well, actually falling straight to the world upside down.

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