Most people today are no strangers to self diagnosis. Thanks to the prevalence of WebMD, looking up symptoms on the Internet has turned everyone into an armchair physician.

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Now a mobile-health startup called CellScope is literally putting a doctor's instrument in your hands. They've developed a device that basically turns your iPhone into an otoscope, the tool your physician uses to look inside your ear. The device attaches to an iPhone, giving users a view inside the ear magnified 10 times. However, the diagnosis is still up to the doctor. The user uploads the image to Cellscope's website, where a doctor exams them and then prescribes any necessary medications.


The otoscopic add-on was designed to potentially save a trip to the doctor's office in the event of an ear infection.

"CellScope's clip-on otoscope helps pediatricians increase the standard of care by creating a visual history of the middle ear and allows parents to save time by allowing ear infections to be diagnosed and treated remotely," CellScope's website explains. "Ear infection is the number one reason why children visit pediatricians and hits 75 percent of kids by age six, resulting in over 30 million doctor visits per year in the U.S. alone."

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CellScope also has a clip-on dermascope that allows users to capture and submit highly magnified, diagnostic-quality photos of their skin. With the device, patients can have their moles, skin rashes and irritations diagnosed from the privacy of their own house.

via Technology Review

credit: CellScope