As it stands, skateboarding is fairly limited to the smooth surfaces of roads, sidewalks and skate parks. But a new all-terrain board — if you can even call it that — seeks to jump the curb and go off road.

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Invented by Dan Baldwin, the so-called “Ungoverned” resembles a hybrid of a skateboard and tank and is designed to roll over rocks, sand, snow and other obstacles. The waterproof prototype’s spiked tracks are powered by a four-stroke engine situated between the feet of the rider, who control acceleration via a hand-held wired device. Top speeds haven’t been announced yet, but judging by this video, the Ungoverned has some real get up and go.

Baldwin points out that the 108-pound vehicle is much lighter than a snowmobile, not to mention the 143-pound Scarpar Powerboard, a similar prototype he created.

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Australian startup Scarpar Pty is slated to further develop and bring Baldwin’s original Powerboard to market next year. In the meantime, he’s hoping Scarpar will do the same with the Ungoverned.

via Gizmag

Credit: Ungoverned