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Signal Snowboards uses its Web show “Every Third Thursday” as an opportunity to create wacky, wowing or wicked awesome snowboards. The premise: snowboards have no limits.

“Although some boards may never see production, we learn from every ETT build and the new materials and progressive ideas can now be found within Signal’s line,” the company writes.

To give you an idea of the cool concept products coming out from “Every Third Thursday,” here are a couple awesome projects.

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Fender Snowboard

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Building a board for Duff McKagan of Gun n Roses fame, Signal Snowboards deconstructed a Fender bass, sliced up the body of the guitar and rewired the whole thing to build a functional bass-snowboard — yes, it plays both musically and on the snow. Check out how the crew made the Fender snowboard by watching the video below.


Lego Snowboard

Image: screenshot

To create a kid’s board, Signal Snowboards decided to do a Lego-rendition. With a Lego top sheet, the guys constructed small pieces of architecture on top of the board. The board’s recipient included a three-year-old boy, Preston, and his dad. After Preston was done hitting the slopes, he played with the board at home by building on top of it.