When at a conference or festival, it can sometimes be a challenge to make it from one exhibit to another in the alotted time. Walking as fast as you can through a crowded exhibition hall can get you nowhere fast. Bouncing to your destination might be a lot more fun. Just ask the attendees of the Archstoyanie Festival in Russia.

They used Fast Track, a trampoline track built by Estonian firm Salto Architect. With no one on it, the track looks like any other pathway. But as soon as you step onto it — whoo hooo! The path offered attendees a faster way to get around the festival that was more fun than the standard mode of transportation.

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The designers said their installation challenges the concept of infrastructure that focuses only on technical and functional aspects and ignores its surroundings. "Fast Track is an attempt to create intelligent infrastructure that is emotional and corresponds to the local context," they said.

Let's hope the next event that hosts this track-o-line has good insurance, lest they get sued by someone for pulled hamstrings or sprained ankles.

via: DVICE

Credit: Nikita Sohov and Karli Luik