Seeker Daily

Seeker Daily is committed to answering questions about the major trends and stories that are shaping our world. Join us for straightforward answers that contextualize what's going on in politics, economics, religion, and more.


DNews is your source for the latest science news and everyday questions you've always wondered about. From new space discoveries to breakthroughs in medicine, join hosts Trace Dominguez, Amy Shira-Teitel, Lissette Padilla and Julian Huguet for new videos every day.

Seeker Stories

Seeker Stories finds arresting and unexpected stories in a diverse and changing world. Through short docs, beautiful photographs, and on-the-ground reporting, we try to connect you to places and events that might otherwise feel distant.

DNews Plus

DNews Plus is for enthusiastic science fans seeking comprehensive conversations on the topics they love. Host Trace Dominguez delivers details, updates and opinions on topics like AI and Mars exploration. TestTube Plus is also offered on iTunes.

Shots of Awe

Ever ponder the miracle of life? Or wonder about the evolution of intelligence? In Shots of Awe, "Performance Philosopher" Jason Silva freestyles his way into the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz.

Brew Age

Brew Age is a series documenting the world of microbrewers and home brewers. Explore the beer culture and meet the brewers that are making a splash in the craft beer industry.