You do all you can to help the environment. You recycle, use compact fluorescent bulbs and even keep your home slightly balmier than you'd like on a hot summer day. The one thing that's really hard to tone down? The nice long shower at the end of a hard day. Four Industrial Design students from Turkey feel your pain, so they developed Washit.

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Washit is a shower and washing machine all in one. Two waters pumps, three different kinds of filters (carbon, organic and chemical), UV filters and a water heater make up this double-use appliance. Don't get weirded out, here's how it works: The shower stall takes gray water that collects at the bottom during a shower, filters it, puts it through a UV cleaning phase and then sends it to a water tank. When a user wants to do laundry, she can access the washing machine from outside of the stall and use the filtered water to clean her clothes.

The Washit is still in design mode, but it did win the IF Concept Design Award. After such a big win, the creators are now working on a usable prototype.


Credit: Ahmet Burak Aktas, Salih Berk Ilhan, Adem Onalan, Burak Soylemez