Ballagàrraidh: The Awareness That You Are Domesticated
The story of humanity is a move from the countryside to the big city. But it's happened so fast that a part of you still remembers Eden. That longs to leave your car idling in traffic, and flee into the wilderness. But there's another part of you knows that Eden is a fantasy, and you'll always be floating just above it; trailing clouds of civilization wherever you go.
May 19, 2015
Alazia: The Fear That You're No Longer Able to Change
After so many years wondering what kind of person you were going to become one day, somewhere you forgot that this question actually has an answer, and that 'one day' will eventually arrive. If it hasn't already.
May 8, 2015
Koinophobia: The Fear of Being Ordinary
When you look back over your life, or try to put it down on paper, you can see more of it now than ever before. And yet it seems somehow diminished. Humble. Almost quaint. So you begin scanning your life, looking for something interesting or beautiful. But all you see is ordinary people assembled in their tiny classrooms and workspaces, each of us moving around in little steps, like tokens on a game board.
Apr 29, 2015