Every day our inboxes get crammed to their virtual seams with emails. And for every important, relevant-to-our-job email, there are at least four or five productivity-sucking others. (Apparently there are a lot of adorable kittens doing a lot of adorable things.)

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All that distraction comes at a cost. According to studies uncovered by Online IT Degree (they train the people who will eventually have to deal with this electronic deluge), the average worker receives between 110 and 200 emails every single day—with only about 10% of that being useful or relevant to their job—and spends an average of 13 hours per week emailing back and forth. All that costs businesses about $650 billion each year. (So much for email being “free”.)

Think you’re adding to the problem? Use this handy flowchart to tell if you really need to send that email, or if It’s time to holster that itchy Send Button Finger. (I’d suggest you email the link to someone you know who could use it, but that would be too ironic.)