It's common for parents to give their children a taste of their drinks, presumably to foster a healthy understanding of alcohol. But now researchers say that can lead kids down a very dangerous path. Laci looks at what happens and why.

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"Under-18s should be banned from having ANY alcohol: Warning that attempts to introduce children to drinking risks turning them into an alcoholic in later life"
"Parents who give their children small amounts of alcohol in the belief they are instilling a sensible attitude to drinking may unwittingly be giving them a taste for booze, a psychologist has warned."

"Should Children Be Allowed to Sip Mommy's Drink?"
"Will allowing your child a sip of wine at an early age prevent him from engaging in dangerous drinking later? Probably not, but plenty of parents think so, finds a recent study."

"Dad, I Prefer the Shiraz"
"All American family? Hardly. But some studies say children whose parents drank with them at home or during meals were less likely to binge later."

"Letting Children Sip: Understanding Why Parents Allow Alcohol Use by Elementary School-aged Children"
"To investigate prosipping beliefs about alcohol among parents and the relations among these beliefs, parents' alcohol-specific attitudes and practices, and children's reports of initiation of alcohol use."

"Adults' approval and adolescents' alcohol use"
"To compare adults' approval of adolescents' alcohol use among white, black, and Latino youth and to evaluate the effects of approval on most recent alcohol consumption, past 30-day use and binge drinking."

CDC: Alcohol and Public Health