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Where Science and Faith Collide
"The MHP panel discusses why recent polls are showing a seeming change in public opinion on evolution."

CA111: Scientists reject evolution?
"Many scientists reject evolution and support creationism."

Should Scientists Debate Creationists?
"The perpetually-bowtied science educator Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' is slated to debate creationist Ken Ham, the founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum, on Feb. 4."

Bill Nye to Debate Creationist on Theory of Evolution
"After shuffling off the 'Dancing with the Stars' stage, Bill Nye has decided to take on creationism with a debate tentatively scheduled between the Science Guy and Ken Hamm, founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum, for Feb. 4, at 7 p.m., according to news reports."

Bill Nye Isn't Dead, He's Gone Viral
"As Nye points out, evolution is fundamental to our understanding of the known universe."

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Evolution You Can See
TestTube Wild Card
Bill Nye the Dancing Guy

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