Shooting at Empire State Building: At least ten people people have been shot outside the Empire State building in New York City.  According to the New York Times one person was killed, nine were wounded – though none seriously. The shooter is dead at the scene.

During a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD's Ray Kelly it was confirmed that a former employee Jeffery Johnson had a confrontation with a former co-worker

outside the building, pulled a gun out of a bag and shot the man.

A construction worker who witnessed the incident followed Johnson away

from the scene and alerted police. When the

officers confronted Johnson he pulled the same weapon and began firing. Others were injured in the ensuing crossfire.

On-scene, the FBI confirmed the act was not terrorism.

A witness James Bolden told the TODAY show he heard the shots on his way to work on 33rd street between Fifth and Sixth avenues and saw a person laying on the ground bleeding rom the neck. He was told it was not the shooter. New York resident Max Kaplan, said he heard at least nine gunshots.

"This is a terrible tragedy, and it would be no doubt more tragic without the heroic acts of the policemen," said Mayor Bloomberg. via NBC, CNN, New York Times