Where does motivation come from? Many answers exist ranging from metaphysical to the physical, and here's another one. Sent in by a Discovery News reader, RSA created this animated short to explain where they believe our motivation comes from. via Twitter

"Science it's a girl thing," is the title of a terrible video brought to you from the European Union. It's so offensive and so awful, of course we had to share it. We've shared it previously via a DNews Nugget too. The video juxtaposes hot chicks with science equipment and attempts to intertwine the two by transforming a pair of designer sunglasses into safety glasses. It's all around bad.

As you leave your house this weekend to go explore the countryside, buy groceries, visit the city, take the kids to soccer or whatever, it might be helpful to know how much space you have to fill. Sure, you get 67 feet of cubic space in a Prius, but how much is that, really? Howstuffworks explores the space between the hood and the hatch of a Prius V.

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