The sand tiger shark gets around, ranging in waters all over the world, including the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans as well as the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. They get down, too, as well as around, taking dives more than 600 feet into the depths.

Sand tiger sharks have an especially fierce look about them, even compared to other sharks. They're bulky yet reach nearly 10 feet in length, and the sturdy creatures have small eyes and no eyelids.

Meanwhile, three rows of sharp teeth bulge out of their mouths, and their flat snouts don't make things any less threatening to observe. However, they aren't, despite their scary looks, considered threatening to humans unless they're provoked.

The sand tiger shark's food choices include bluefish, mackerel, flounder, and a buffet table of other fish, and they have a neat trick where they can take in air from the surface and use it for buoyancy.

Another spooky feature of the sand tiger shark involves its reproductive process. Pregnant females can have as many as 50 embryos, and they grow at different rates. When the largest of the bunch reaches about 4 inches long, it will eat the smaller embryos, in a competition for resources before birth!

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