When you travel, you have a couple of options for getting to the airport: a cab, public transportation, a friend or you can drive yourself and park in the long-term lot. All of those options with cost you, either in money or favors.

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But in the spirit of car-sharing and collaborative consumption businesses that have been popping up recently — think ZipCar, Airbnb, Enterprise, and Uber — come new options, FlightCar and RelayRides. They won’t cost you a dime. In fact, signing up could earn you money and at the very least, it could net you a freshly washed car.

FlightCar, founded by Rujul Zaparde, operates at airports. Travelers can park their cars at the airport while they’re away and earn 5 to 20 cents per mile, if someone else rents it. You simply sign up online and then drop off the car at the designated location.

You get a free ride to your terminal and a free ride back to you car when you return from your trip. While you’re away, your car may or may not get rented, but one thing’s for sure: it gets a free car wash. How do they do it?

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Worried about someone dinging your car? FlightCar has you covered with $1M in liability coverage and complete coverage on the value of the vehicle.

RelayRides is a similar service, which lets people rent their cars out.

If something does happen to your car, even if you are covered, you will be inconvenienced and so you have to decide if the risk is worth it.

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