Ever since man evolved to draw, we’ve been doodling pictures of the female form. From cave walls to bathroom stalls to computer screens, the world is our canvass. But an anonymous IBM employee in the late 1950′s has been singled-out as being the trailblazer who kicked off decades of sexy computer artwork.

PICTURES: Techy-ist Sex or Sexiest Tech?

The 1950′s were a time of great uncertainty as the Cold War ramped up pressure on the U.S. military. In an effort to gain the upper hand over their Soviet rivals, billions of dollars were sunk into top secret computer projects. One project, a $238 million military computer used to identify incoming nuclear threats, was commandeered after hours.

As the above photo shows, one computer operator had a lot of fun with the massive machine’s cathode ray tube — he’d expertly sketched the outline of what appears to be a December 1956 calendar pin-up by famed artist George Petty. For the full investigation into this fascinating story, read Benj Edwards’ epic article over at The Atlantic.

Anonymous IBM computer operator, I salute you. via The Atlantic’s Tumblr