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Readers 18 or older might want to tape the following infographic to your refrigerator: According to research gathered by Swedish company Lelo, the world’s leading designer of intimate products, there’s a direct correlation between sex and success. The more of the former you have, the more of the latter you’ll achieve.

“In Getting On by Getting It On: Five Reasons Why A Healthy Sex Life Helps Your Career” Lelo crunched sex and intimacy research with employment and income data, resulting in statistics that will motivate anyone with a healthy libido and a little ambition to linger in bed a little longer. Consider the following: A healthy sex life can lead to more promotion, up to 31 percent higher productivity, a 37 percent higher sales success rate, and three times greater creativity.

Photo: Lelo

And that’s not all. Increase lovemaking from once a month to once a week and research shows that happiness levels shoot through the roof, equaling a pay raise of $50,000, good news for the 50 percent of Americans who feel underpaid.

In addition to workplace benefits, sex is also a wicked good work out. Having sex three times a week can burn 40,000 calories per year and increases oxygen circulation by 400 percent, which can cut at least $175 per month (the average amount women pay for facials and anti-aging creams) out of the budget.

And, guys, get used to cuddling: It takes only 20 seconds of kissing, hugging, and cuddling for the hormone oxytocin, the stress-reducing “love” hormone, to start kicking in.