A couple of weeks ago I pointed out a fantastic website with live visual data on winds in the United States. Now there’s another that leaves it in the dust: a full color global wind map simply called Earth.

DNews Stormtracker

In this case the visualization is wind forecasts generated every three hours by supercomputers — the same equation crunching machines that give us our daily weather forecasts. This is also a much more interactive wind map in that you can change the map projection a number of ways and rotate the globe around and zoom in easily to see more details.

The best feature of all is the that you can change the altitude. That is, you can look at winds at different heights in the atmosphere (listed as pressures). The lower the pressure, the higher in the atmosphere and the more you see jest streams that make Earth look a lot like Jupiter.

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If you are a weather or science junkie, you may want to carve out a little time to play with this wind map, then check back in a few days later to see a transformed wind world.

Image grab from earth.nullschool.net.