With the popularity of “Breaking Bad” currently peaking, methamphetamine is bombarding the TV screens of pop culture’s binge-watching zeitgeist. As fans of the show can attest, meth abuse is anything but entertainment, but anti-drug organizations still want to remind people of that.

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Rehabs.com and digital agency Fracti have developed a new Web-based app called “Your Face On Meth,” a visual simulation of how you would look as a meth addict over time. Users begin by uploading a photo to the site, which is then altered with the tell tale signs of meth abuse: sunken cheeks, scabs, mottled skin and dark, hollow eyes.

Jeff Smith, CEO of Recovery Brands, the company that oversees Rehabs.com, says the aim of the project was to deter potential meths users by offering them a grim glimpse into the future, should they become addicts.

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“We hope that users will see a potential future for themselves that they can avoid by changing their behavior. Envisioning the dramatic and physical self-deterioration can be shocking, and the application paints an obvious picture of the changes that could occur as a result of prolonged meth use,” Smith said, according to Fast Company. “We hope that envisioning this change might provide an incentive for people to think twice before using or continuing to abuse drugs like meth.”

via Fast Company

Credit: Your Face On Meth, Rehabs.com