Calling all techie fashionistas, there's a new item waiting to join your wardrobe.

You already have an ear bud-equipped hoodie to match your keyboard jeans, but no geek's closet is complete without a pair of DELTA415 Wearcom jeans. They're equipped with a transparent polymer film pocket that let's the fashion forward stay connected without removing their smartphone from their pocket.


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But no one wants to go around showing the world the contents of their pocket. No worries, your DELTA415s have you covered — there's a denim flap that that zips shut and conceals the see-through pocket.

If the name sounds a little militaristic, that's because DELTA415s were inspired by the utility pockets and straps on a fighter pilot's G-suit. That's right, as you check your Twitter feed on your thigh, you'll be the Top Gun at your favorite Wi-Fied coffee shop.

But a Maverick like you wants to keep blasting Kenny Loggins' "Highway to the Danger Zone" while you check-in to Facebook, right? No sweat, Iceman, there's a button hole in the front pocket to thread your ear buds through.

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According to Alphyn Industries, creators of the DELTA415s, their premium denim, straight leg jeans can accommodate any smartphone up to three by five inches, including iPhone and Android models that fit those specifications. The jeans are available for $160.