Ever wonder how much that purchase you just made affects climate change? Probably not, but you should. Every time you buy something, you directly affect the environment, whether it's food or entertainment, hardware or software or anything in between.

Now an app from researchers at MIT, Stanford and U.C. Berkeley, called Oroeco, works with the financial tracking website Mint.com to link purchases, including investments, with climate change data.

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The app includes a carbon calculator that breaks down your purchases (i.e. food, living expenses, entertainment, investments) and puts them on a carbon emission scale.

You can compare your data to other users and create goals on how to lower those emissions by following the tips and guidelines provided. Over time, you'll be able to see a long-term graph of how your spending has changed and how your carbon output has adjusted with these changes. By making improvements you can earn "oro points" for virtual and real-life prizes.

The app is currently seeking funding in Indiegogo, and everyone who pledges $5 or more will get access to the beta version.

Credit: Oroeco